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Tri-mix and Erectile Dysfunction

What is tri-mix?

Tri mix is a mixture of three drugs compounded in the form of an injection.  The sterile product provides a low cost, effective solution to men struggling with erectile dysfunction. It is an alternative for men when oral options such as Viagra® or Cialis® have less than optimal results or cause severe side effects.

Sterile treatments for ED are very customized to the individual patient.  The pharmacists at Shertech work closely with the patient and physician to create the most effective formulation for the individual patient. Bi-mix (2 drugs) and quad mix (4 drugs) are also options.

Autologous Serum Eye Drops

Autologous serum eye drops (ASED) are an option for patients suffering from chronic dry eyes. ASED require the patient to donate blood and the blood coagulates and is centrifuged to extract the serum. The pharmacist at Shertech will take the patient’s blood serum and dilute with a sterile saline solution in varying concentrations. The droppers are dispensed to the patient in the form of single-use eye droppers. Patients use the ASED use multiple times a day to improve their quality of life.

Shertech Pharmacy is pleased to offer this service. Once you receive a prescription for the ASED please call the pharmacy at 864-585-3850 ext 2 to coordinate the serum drop off time and prescription pick up time.


Other Sterile Compounds Available

Pharmacy compounding is the art and science of preparing customized medications for patients when commercially available medicine does not provide optimal outcomes. Modern technology, innovative techniques, and research allow many healthcare providers to work with pharmacists to customize medications, which provide their patients with the benefit of medications tailored specifically for certain needs.

Shertech Pharmacy provides a limited amount of sterile options outside of injectables for ED and autologous serum eye drops. These options include ophthalmic preparations, hydroxyprogesterone, testosterone cypionate, and Vitamin B12 injectables. Talk to the pharmacists at Shertech along with your health care providers to find out what option may be best for you.

Contact Shertech to see how compounded medications can help you with your quality of life and help your doctor solve your unique health issues.

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