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Let’s face it, throat pain hurts.  Many illnesses cause people to have throat pain: tonsillitis (tonsillectomies); strep throat; mononucleosis; hand, foot and mouth disease; influenza; colds; laryngitis; pharyngitis; and more. Throat pain resulting from (or caused by) these conditions may seem unbearable for a patient regardless of age. Some symptoms are minor, short-term nuisances while others can be more serious and lead to complications.

For pain control, patients are often prescribed oral liquid pain medications, but may not be able to swallow anything due to severe throat pain. Additionally, narcotics, if prescribed, may lead to nausea and vomiting. And vomiting while already experiencing throat swelling and pain would be a dreadful experience for anyone.

Some doctors have prescribed anesthetic lollipops to help with throat pain, and to potentially minimize narcotic use and nausea. The medicated lollipops can be made with extra-long sticks that can easily reach the back of the throat. Patients or parents should be warned not to use the entire lollipop at once and to not eat food immediately after administration, as it may numb the gag reflex.

Other options to ease throat pain include traditional spit and swish formulations, troches, liquids, sprays, and popsicles.  If you experience throat pain talk to the pharmacists at Shertech.  They can work with you and your practitioner to find a formulation, flavor, and route of administration that’s right for you. 


Information by Andrea Branvold-Herr, MS, RPh, PCCA Pharmacy Consultant

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