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As you age, taking medicine comes with its challenges

There are many patient groups that can benefit from the services of a compounding pharmacy. For pediatric patients, there are different delivery methods to avoid needing to swallow a pill and flavors that can be added to medications to make them desirable. Some of the same benefits can apply to geriatric compounding services, especially the ability to have alternatives to oral medications.

As you age, taking medicine comes with its challenges. Some patients may have difficulty swallowing a pill, and a compounded liquid may be the better option. Other patients may be prescribed a large quantity of medication that could be combined into fewer dosage forms depending on the active ingredient and strength. Nurses at assisted living facilities don’t have to spend time crushing up pills to hide in the patient’s dinner. Instead, contact Shertech Pharmacy and talk to our pharmacists about ways we can work with you and your physician to relieve the stress and improve compliance in taking your medicine.

Challenges with Oral Medications


Difficulty swallowing medications

A compounding pharmacy can make medications into alternative delivery methods that don’t require a patient to swallow a pill. Shertech has products that dissolve in the mouth or liquid solutions that make swallowing easier.

Transdermal creams and gels

These allow the medication to be administered on the skin. Our pharmacist can work with your healthcare provider to find the right medication delivery method for their patients.

Gastrointestinal problems

Different kinds of oral medications can also cause gastrointestinal problems, which can be exacerbated in geriatric patients. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), for example, can cause gastrointestinal problems when taken orally in patients of any age. However, they can be useful in reducing pain and inflammation from arthritis. A good solution is to make a topical cream with NSAID and other ingredients that can be applied directly to the area of pain. This avoids metabolism in the gastrointestinal tract while providing effective pain relief.

Personalized Care

Custom compounding specific for you

A compounding pharmacy is often able to provide more personalized service and individualized treatment. When obtaining a compounded medication, the pharmacist on staff will spend time understanding the patient’s needs and can offer alternative solutions.

At Shertech Pharmacy, a pharmacist is always available to speak with the patient or healthcare practitioners about their geriatric patients’ unique needs.

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