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It is no secret that kids do not always like taking medicine.  Being sick is no fun and the thought of taking medicine is even worse.  Commercial medicine comes in all shapes, sizes, and flavors, but often times that isn’t enough.  A child may be adverse to a certain flavor or have an allergy to an ingredient.  The dose may be too strong or too weak with no option in the middle.  Fortunately, compounding pharmacies exist to provide an option for patients when a commercial medicine is unavailable, ineffective, or intolerable. 

A compounded prescription is the art and science of creating a customized prescription specifically for the patient.  If a pediatric patient is unable to swallow a medication that is only available in pill form then a compounding pharmacist may work with the physician and patient to create a formulation for a liquid version of the medication in the patient’s flavor of choice.  Likewise, a patient with an allergy may need a formulation created less the allergen. 

Administering medicine is not easy but a compounding pharmacy can work with you to make it a more pleasurably, and less stressful, experience for both the child and parent while maintaining compliance with the medicine. 

Working closely with a compounding pharmacist, your child’s pediatrician can prescribe medications for:


·         Pain relief

·         Oral thrush

·         Head lice

·         Diaper rash

·         Skin disorders

·         Cold sores/fever blisters

·         And much more

Routes of administration for pediatrics:

·         Oral liquids

·         Lollipops

·         Gummy treats

·         Topical gels

·         Effervescent

Don’t let administering medicine to a child turn into a traumatic experience for both the child and caregiver.  If a medicine is unavailable or intolerable then call the pharmacist at Shertech Pharmacy.

They will work with you and your physician to find a solution that’s right for YOU!

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