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Inflammation of the outer ear canal, otitis externa, is the third-leading cause of visits to the veterinarian for canines. Otitis can be caused by many things such as allergies, parasites, ear infections, hormonal abnormalities and much more. No matter the cause of the otitis, the traditional treatment veterinarians often prescribe usually involves multiple drops in the affected ear(s) multiple times a day. This treatment can be a challenge for the pet owner because it’s hard to count exactly how many drops may have been instilled. But there is also another challenge, you must be aware of—and it’s the need to get medication into the horizontal portion of the canine’s ear canal.


The anatomy of a dog’s ear is rather different from a human’s. The human ear canal offers a straight path to the tympanic membrane.
But the opening of the canine ear leads to a vertical canal, which travels down, has a near-90-degree turn, and then continues horizontally to the tympanic membrane, forming an “L” shape. The horizontal canal serves as place for moisture to settle and can be a breeding ground for infection.


Shertech Compounding Pharmacy provides a compounded solutions with an improved delivery system from PCCA to help eradicate the infection in a timely manner.  The exclusive base used to compound the medicine is thermoreversible–when the gel is cold, it is in a fluid state which helps the main ingredients reach the tiny crevices in the canine’s ear canal. When the gel is exposed to warmth (like the canine’s body temperature), it immediately forms into a gel, keeping the main ingredients in place in the ear canal for an extended period of time (usually about a week).

This medication is typically administered by your veterinarian in office using a 3ml syringe.

If your dog suffers from chronic ear infections then this may be the solution for you.  Talk to your local compounding pharmacy or the staff at Shertech Pharmacy for more information.

Article credit: Matt Martin, PharmD,  PCCA Consultant


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